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Good Times Delivered. 

We'll get it to you in under an hour.

Downtown, Mud Island, South Main, Crosstown, The Medical District, Midtown... Too easy. See you in a few.

No minimum order size.

Want five packs of a local beer? Done.

One bottle of wine? Done.

A 100ml shooter of whiskey? DONE

How it works:

1. Find and download Bluff City Smugglers on the App Store

2. Verify your age (we will also check upon delivery... so don't try anything shady)  

3. Browse the aisles. Our inventory has everything you would find in a liquor store, because that is exactly where we get it from! If you don't see what you want, text us at 901.286.3737 and we'll see what we can do.

4. Place your order! You can either set a specific hour block (for example, 6pm to 7pm) or you can click ASAP. If you click ASAP, you can expect your booze to get to you in under an hour.

5. Consume responsibly.


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Press Reviews

November 2, 2020

From seltzers, to wine, craft beers and local whiskey to everything in between—they will carry an extensive selection of beverages....They have a gritty approach to taking over the Memphis scene, and the confidence needed to see it through and continue to expand throughout the 901.