How do I download the app?

Go to the Apple App Store, and search "Bluff City Smugglers". It's free to download, and the only fee we ever charge is for delivery.

Do I have to be 21?

Duh. We ask for your date of birth to create an account, and the delivery person needs to see an Over 21 ID that matches whoever is listed as placing the order.

How long will it take to be delivered?

No more than an hour.

Alternatively, you can order ahead of time. Ordering ahead of time would be for those rare occasions when you plan ahead and decide at noon, for example, that you want some whiskey with dinner. If you're grubbing at 7:30, select the 6-7 or 7-8 window and you can trust that it'll be there in time. 

There is, or was, a problem with my order.

What the hell, guys?

If there are any issues with our service, do not hesitate to reach out at whatsup@901smugglers.com. For any reason. If we are being too slow to deliver, grabbed the wrong booze, drive like a maniac, or have crappy memes, we want to hear about it. 

How do I work for you?

Send an email to whatsup@901smugglers.com if you want to join the team. We might have something open, we might not. We usually don't know if we do or not, so you might as well try.